Another Hundred People Project

In an effort to explore the city more- Jessica is setting out on an adventure to capture at least 100 people (friends, friends of friends, even strangers) in their favorite New York City location. Whether it be a park bench, a coffee shop, a theatre, etc. 100 different places. 100 different people.  Inspired by Stephen Sondheim's "Another Hundred People" from the musical Company, Jessica seeks to discover new parts of New York through the eyes of fellow New Yorkers.  


"It's a city of strangers.  Some come to work, some to play..."

Cailan Rose

Bench in front of the Intrepid

"Growing up as a Florida girl (and a Scorpio) the water has always been a happy place for me. Living in New York City, it was hard to get that beach-y, calm feeling anywhere. The closest I ever found was sitting on this bench right in front of The Intrepid -- which I stumbled upon one day when I was living in midtown and exploring my new neighborhood. Not only do I love being near the water, but there is something about the massiveness, the hugeness of The Intrepid that makes my world seem smaller -- more manageable. I love coming here on a warm day with an iced coffee and my Kindle -- and occasionally on a cold day as long as I have enough bundles!!"

Kerri Ford

Stumptown Coffee

I fell in love with Stumptown a few years back when I was introduced to the place through my friend Kyle.  I come here a couple of times a week. The vibe (and the coffee) are great for getting work done or for just taking a break in a busy day! 

Gaby Dunn

The People's Improv Theatre

"This is the People's Improv Theater. I'm on a house team here and so I'm here every week. It's a great place to be around funny people and to work with your friends."

Rachel Jane Conn

Yoga to the People


"Yoga to the People is my home in this city - I know that no matter what, my mat, the inspiring teachers, and amazing students will always be there, never judging, always caring. I learnt here that there is no shame in falling, there is no shame in tears. Falling is how one learns to find their balance!"

© 2013 by Jessica Fallon Gordon Photography